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Data craftsmanship

Dealing with data is our core business. We can mine, refine and visualize data, regardless of whether they are tabular or connected.

Web oriented

We keep pace with the latest Web technologies, standards and good practices. We produce lightweight, portable and performant UIs.

Methodology and technologies

Most projects we do start with data modeling. Depending on the nature of the data and the questions we want to ask them, we use relational, graph or document oriented databases.

Queries, data wrangling and data processing algorithms run on ad-hoc application servers, with a suitable computation power.

Business experts can access and manipulate their data from web interfaces, with a data-centered navigation experience.

Visualizing data enables a better reading and interpretable insights. Interactivity allows multiple points of view, to get a better understanding of the business challenges.

Benoît Simard picture

Benoît (@logisima) is a web development and graph analysis expert. He worked at Smile and Neo4j. He likes leading projects beyond just code, from design to production and operations.

Alexis Jacomy picture

Alexis (@jacomyal) is a web development and data visualization expert. He created sigma.js. He likes exploring browsers advanced features, and never fails to consider the experience of his users.

Paul Girard picture

Paul (@paulanomalie) is a digital humanist who worked ten years as Sciences-Po médialab's CTO. Trained as an engineer, inspired by designers, he aims at developing the best human-data interfaces.