Our services

Custom development

We create a custom web application to meet your specific needs from data modeling, web interface design and integration till deployment on the chosen infrastructure.

With custom development, your needs are met by using the best-fitted technologies to reach the most efficient solution. Operating your data takes a whole new dimension when database, data visualizations and algorithms are built specifically to meet your requirements.

Your business challenges are our constraints, our expertise is the key to bring a precisely tailored solution.

Configuration management database

Your needs

  • You need a web application providing quality service.
  • Your requirements are specific, generic solutions doesn't suit.
  • Your technical environment is complex and requires a seamless integration.

Our propositions

  • A experienced full stack team.
  • Agile methods giving you complete control.
  • Quality source code to secure your investment.

Data valorization

We help value your data through modeling, curation, analysis, visual exploration or publication means.

Let's focus on your data either to identify possible ways to value it trough an audit or by joining your existing project by adding some analyses or visualization expertises. We propose a specific workshop format called "data sprint" to gather stake holders, engineers and designers around the data-sets in the same place at the same time.

Mixing the different points of views allows to better align skills, objectives and constraints by designing the best way to value your data.

Renew our understanding of urban sonor landscapes   for Unité Mixte de Recherche en Acoustique Environnementale (UMRAE) and ETIS, Équipe Traitement de l'Information et Systèmes

Your needs

  • You are looking for a better way to value your data.
  • Your team miss an advanced skill to analyze your data.
  • Your data would have a greater impact with a dedicated instrument

Our propositions

  • A team mixing technical, data and design skills
  • Data sprint: a specific workshop format
  • A visual analysis approach to foster data issues understanding.

Open Source and Open Data

Our working environment are build on top of many open and inter-dependent ressources. One often meets an issue or seeks to improve an existing open source software which supports our daily workflows.

Yet, each open source project has his own team, habits, priorities and planning. In a context of maintainers overwork, improving it's working environment by pushing improvements into existing open source resources can turn into complex situations.

Being accustomed to open source projects way of working, we can help you resolve existing issues, improve existing dependencies or publish your own project.

Hyphe   for Sciences Po médialab

Your needs

  • You meet issues with an open-source software.
  • You need to streamline your code or data workflows.
  • You seek help to correctly open some code or data-sets.

Our propositions

  • Add new features to an open source software
  • Act as mediators towards open source communities.
  • Develop better tooling.

Consulting and support

Bring one-time help can aid overcome complex situations, make better specifications or add complementary perspectives tp ongoing projects for a reasonable cost.

We will find together the best fitted form for a one-time intervention such as reviews, training, etc.

We support your team by bringing supplementary focused expertises.

Exhibition-test   for EnsadLab

Your needs

  • You need a different perspective to bring some fresh ideas.
  • A focused expertise could boost your project.

Our propositions

  • Code and/or data review
  • Training
  • Specifications

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